The Secret Oven Journals

The title comes in three folds—

‘The Secret’ from the book of Rhonda Byrne, a book I love and the book that opened my eyes to believe that “If my mind can conceive, then I can achieve.”

‘Oven’  my favourite kitchen equipment. It has allowed me to discover the many wonderful things that can be created by baking. It has been instrumental in my discovery that I have a natural feel for baking. With this discovery came immeasurable joy at serving my family some of their most favorite dishes and pastries, and this blog site will also feature our favourite baked goodies so you too can enjoy them.

‘Journals’ because this will document my journey through life, migration and adapting in a new environment. Life is an adventure waiting to unfold, and I want to share the joys as well as the challenging bits of ‘fitting-in’ and adjusting to a new life. May this inspire you to begin your new adventure as well.

Mixing these concepts together means conceiving an idea, making it a reality and sharing it with you all. Thus this blogsite is born.